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Cristina Gordon- Certified Lactation Consultant

About Cristina

I began my journey in  motherhood 19 months ago when my sweet girl Finley Rose was born. My passion for breastfeeding did not happen overnight as I originally thought it would. It took months to develop my confidence in nursing after the many challenges I faced when learning the intricacies of nursing and being a first time mother. Now after having my sweet boy Jackson Thomas who is one month old, my skills as a lactation consultant have come in handy more than I could have ever imagined. My personal journey breastfeeding inspired me to help other moms navigate the many ups and downs of breastfeeding which is why I decided to fulfill one of my goals of becoming a lactation consultant. My mission as a Certified Lactation Counselor is to help provide guidance and confidence to new mothers while also creating a space where women feel supported throughout every phase of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. My goal is to provide emotional support throughout the breastfeeding journey and ultimately help mothers find their happiness in nourishing their baby while learning to find their own "groove" with nursing. 

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In-Home Lactation Support
(120 Minutes)

In-Home lactation support is perfect for first time Mama's or Mama's with babies who are struggling with their latch. In person consultation can be provided to Mom's located in Suffolk County. All safety and CDC guidelines will be followed during your consultation.

Alternative Advice
(30 Minutes)

I am here for all Mom's experiencing the amazing journey of Motherhood. Alternative advice is perfect for exclusively pumping Mama's and those looking to wean.

Virtual Lactation Support
(30-60 Minutes)

Virtual lactation support needs may vary between Mama's. Ongoing virtual support is perfect for a  first time Mama's. Virtual lactation sessions are also recommended as follow ups to in-home lactation support sessions.

Mama's Virtual 
Support Groups

This weekly support group is available to all those Mama's who just need to talk to other Mom's! Join our weekly group to talk all things baby, breastfeeding, and more.

Virtual Prenatal Lactation Course
(75 Minutes)

Preparing yourself for your breastfeeding journey is imperative and often not emphasized enough.  This course is perfect for any first time Mama!

Email Support
(Packages Available)

Email packages are available in groups of 5 and 10. This option is great for Mama's who would like information on specific topics or need guidance for any pre-natal or post natal questions.



"Cristina was beyond accommodating, knowledgeable, helpful, and made us feel super comfortable. I feel so much more prepared, calm, and ready to handle the numerous scenarios and challenges that can come with breastfeeding.  Cristina made me feel so much less stressed and excited about the experience ahead.  It was really nice to hear about her real-life experiences with her 2 kids as well.  She shared raw, real, and honest challenges and ways that she was able to overcome them following the research and training she completed.  I cannot recommend her enough!!!"

Syracuse, NY
- Christine
Syracuse, NY

"I’m convinced Cristina is the reason I’ve made it through 6+ months of successful breastfeeding! As a new mom who had no idea what to expect when it came to nursing, I was very discouraged when my son started having an issue early on with my oversupply and forceful letdown. Cristina knew how to tackle this problem right away, and we worked together to figure out a solution that made me and my son more comfortable within days. She sent me resources, filmed how-to videos, and was readily available whenever I had questions. She also helped me with pumping and got me on a schedule that worked with my lifestyle. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Cristina for helping me and my son continue to succeed on our breastfeeding journey. She is truly one of a kind!"

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