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Lactaction Support
(120 Minutes)

In-Home lactation support is perfect for first time Mamas or Mamas with babies who are struggling with their latch. In person consultation can be provided to Moms located in Suffolk County. All safety and CDC guidelines will be followed during your consultation.

Alternative Advice
(30 Minutes)

I am here for all Mamas experiencing the amazing journey of motherhood. Alternative advice is perfect for exclusively pumping Mamas and those looking to wean.

Virtual Lactation Support
(30-60 Minutes)

Virtual lactation support needs may vary between Mamas. Ongoing virtual support is perfect for a  first time Mama's. Virtual lactation sessions are also recommended as follow ups to in-home lactation support sessions.

Mama's Virtual 
Support Groups
(Weekly Availability)

This weekly support group is available to all those Mamas who just need to talk to other Moms! Join our weekly group to talk all things baby, breastfeeding, and more.

Virtual Prenatal Lactation Course 
(75 Minutes)

Preparing yourself for your breastfeeding journey is imperative and often not emphasized enough.  This course is perfect for any first time Mama!

Email Support
(Packages Available)

Email packages are available in groups of 5 and 10. This option is great for Mamas who would like information on specific topics or need guidance for any pre-natal or post natal questions.

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